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See our maps & reports in action

With over 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, we help you find the best data to track and demonstrate your impact

We build interactive reports that powerfully tell your story and show your impact

Below Impact Report

Our reports draw on visual storytelling best practices & use cutting-edge data vizz technology to engage your audiences and inspire action

Map Legend -  Patient Number

Our data vizzes quickly & effectively show the information that funders and potential supporters want to see

Our maps & impact reports help you develop data-driven strategies

Identify where to grow and how to prioritize program development

Strategic Roadmap

Programs Expansion

Map Legend 1




Obesity Prevalence

at tract level

Color Gradient Legend - Obesity Prevalence

  < 20%


  > 30%

Our maps, charts, and dashboards can be integrated into all of your communication and fundraising efforts :
website, grants, communications & social media

Impact Maps on your Website
Impact Maps in Grants
Impact Maps in Communications
Impact Maps on your Mobile Site

And there is so much more we can do !

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