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Empowered change makers, 
all over the map  

Our Vision

A world in which life-affirming activism thrives, carried forward by empowered nonprofits and their supporters.

Our Mission

We know that the solutions to solve today’s most pressing social problems are already in existence and are being carried out daily by thousands of progressive nonprofits. If only more people knew of the amazing work you do, you could scale up and widen your impact. Using mapmaking and visual storytelling technology we help progressive nonprofits demonstrate their impact and grow.

Our Story

We see an urgent need to expand the reach of life-affirming activism—work that breaks down startling inequities and creates the conditions that afford every person a dignified life. 

We know that many nonprofits are already doing this critical work; yet, they struggle to communicate their impact in a way that can be easily understood by potential supporters. Oftentimes, they rely on text-heavy newsletters and annual reports that most people don’t have the time to read. 

North Arrow was developed to resolve this disconnect by creating engaging, dynamic (and fun!) visualizations that accessibly showcase nonprofits’ work and impact.

North Arrow - Raise Awareness
North Iron Logo Icon

But why 

North Arrow ?

As one of the essential components of a map, the North Arrow orients the reader by indicating which direction is north.

Our decision to take the name North Arrow is a recognition of the power of maps to guide our actions. And yet, while maps are a generative force in our lives, we also know that if not used properly they can be destructive.

In fact, the history of Western cartography is one of using maps to enforce violent systems of domination. As critical cartographers, we approach mapmaking through a counter-hegemonic framework that challenges oppressive social relations by placing the visual power of maps into the hands of historically marginalized communities. 

Meet our little team

Both data nerds and lovers of all-things maps, Olivia & Charles came to North Arrow through distinct paths.

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