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North Arrow was launched in early 2023. In the short time since our creation, we've already worked with incredible nonprofits & foundations. Discover some of our impact mapping projects below.

Discover our work, one map at the time

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Work - PWC
Screenshot 2023-12-29 194010.png

An annual appeal for 

Partnership with Children

Partnership with Children strengthens the emotional, social, and cognitive skills of children in New York City, empowering them to thrive in school, society, and their personal lives.

For Partnership with Children's 115-year anniversary, we built an annual appeal story map highlighting how the organization meets the needs of the moment during times of crisis. Our maps show how PWC's programs are implemented in schools and communities most affected by mental health distress due to structural racism and intergenerational poverty. We used spatial analysis to help the organization decide which schools to group together into their new cohort model. We showcased the maps in an immersive story map along with custom graphics, a tailored narrative, and edited photos that show PWC's critical work in action.

🔎 Click on the picture to view the annual appeal

Work - D9

In parternship with the Coalition for Community Schools Excellence, we built a map-based dashboard that Includes 23 custom maps with over 40 variables, filters, and a downloadable table. It centralizes students demographics, needs & services.

An asset mapping dashboard for

Bronx School District 9

In a neighborhood where nearly all students are economically disadvantaged and in need of comprehensive school services, there are large disparities in services between the district’s schools. In a complex and constantly evolving services landscape, these disparities are extremely hard to pinpoint, and meeting needs where they are is even harder.

Bronx District 9 Asset Mapping Dashboard

🔎 Discover the dashboard

Work - ERASE
Screenshot 2023-12-29 194055.png

🔎 Click to open the full screen dashboard, and on this link to open the supporting website we built with tool's guidelines and methodology

A fair housing tool for

ERASE Racism

ERASE Racism is a regional organization that leads public policy advocacy campaigns and related initiatives to promote racial equity in areas such as housing, public school education, and community development.

In partnership with ERASE Racism, we built the Affordable and Inclusive Housing Tool (AIHT), an interactive dashboard that utilizes over 30 fair housing variables to guide affordable and fair housing work across New York State. This comprehensive map tool includes a neighborhood opportunity map, an educational opportunity map, a map measuring racial segregation, and a map of existing affordable housing. Historically, it’s been very difficult to create affordable housing in NY and when it is built it’s typically concentrated in the same low-income neighborhoods, creating more economic and racial segregation. The AIHT is designed to help housing advocates and developers locate prime areas for affordable housing to encourage its development throughout the State.

Work - Illustrative

A strategic membership map for

Carroll Gardens Association

The Carroll Gardens Association fights for equitable access to affordable housing, for domestic worker rights, and for cooperative economics in New York City

As a community organization with hundreds of members throughout NYC, CGA wanted a tool to help them better understand their membership for more effective outreach. North Arrow worked with CGA to build two dashboards--one for internal use to empower data driven strategies, and one for external use to share with partners and help with coalition building. The first internal dashboard maps all the organization's members and overlays administrative boundaries to easily identify representatives and better inform policy advocacy. The second dashboard is public facing, and shows the extent and diversity of CGA's community accross all NYC's neighborhoods.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 200017.png

🔎 Click on the picture to access a version of the internal dashboard with mock-up member data, and on this link to access the public facing dashboard

Screenshot 2023-12-29 194727.png

🔎 Click the picture to interact with the annual appeal, and here to see our maps live on S.T.R.O.N.G's website

An annual report for

S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth

S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth is a community development organization specializing in youth and gang violence prevention and intervention. 

We built S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth a series of maps for their new website that powerfully demonstrate that they are working with youth and families in school districts with the least resources. We also created an annual appeal story map with a custom narrative and multimedia content. The immersive story map highlights how the organization is tackling Long Island's mental health crisis among youth with innovative mental health support and community programs.

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