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Enabling forward-thinking 
Business Improvement Districts

Struggling to get access to local data? We build super-local, neighborhood-level intelligence hubs that integrate all the granular data your BID needs to make their communities thrive

BID Data
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311 Data
Below Impact Report

Our interactive dashboards aggregate all the data that is useful for your strategy, operations & advocacy.

Starting with your community of businesses

Map your businesses’ locations and have them available to overlay on any of the data sources below to allow you to get a fine understanding of their immediate surroundings.

BID Dashboard - Business Data
BID Dashboard - 311 Data

311 Calls - at the address granularity

Get a granular and historical view of complaints in your area to be able to address localized issues and work with businesses to solve them upstream

Violations - by tax lot 

Understand which blocks and lots in your service area require special attention, and why. 

BID Dashboard - Violation Data
BID Dashboard - Infrastructure Data

Infrastructure - by location

See current public infrastructure, identify gaps with buffer zones, back up your investments pleas with hard data. Items include : bike parking (by type), public bikes, benches (by type), bins, postal boxes, public toilets, drinking water stations, taxi stands and more!

Legislative Boundaries with Reps areas

This can include senate, congress, council, state assembly, municipal court as well as  police precincts, school, water, fire districts etc. In minutes, filter your members, overlay boundaries & identify representatives for better advocacy campaigns

BID Dashboard - Legislative Boundaries
BID Dashboard - Demographic Data

Demographics - census tract

Get a better understanding of the communities that live and work in your area of services with indicators about their wealth, health, education, race, housing, language...

Environment & Climate Justice - areas

Map out access to nature with parks and green spaces. Understand environmental risk with heat islands & vulnerability, flood zones, and polluting infrastructure. Identify worst-off communities with DACs (disadvantaged communities) boundaries.

BID Dashboard - Climate Data

Don't see the indicator or data points you need?
We work with you to collect it

Our partnership with North Arrow has not only empowered us with unprecedented insights into our neighborhood but also laid the groundwork for better serving the needs of our business and property owners. - Dirk, Executive Director
BID Dashboard - Sunnyside Shines Case Study
Sunnyside Shines BID Logo

And there is so much more we can do !

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