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Map your impact
show why your work matters

With so much competition for funding, it’s hard to set yourself apart. We give you the tools to fundraise better & build stronger campaigns.

Maps are the ultimate storytelling device.

If an image is worth a thousand words, a map is worth a million.

We are bringing free healthcare to Brooklynites who need it most.

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We build map-based tools that amplify your communications and inform your strategy. Some of these include:

North Arrow - Guide Your Strategy

Impact Dashboards

Interactive Impact Tours

North Arrow - Give Life to Reports

Our immersive presentations bring together interactive maps with high-impact narratives, custom graphics, and other multimedia content, giving readers an engaging way to learn about your work.

Our map-based dashboards bring together dozens of maps and data points that are key to your work, allowing you to make informed decisions and design better programs.

We integrate our maps to all of your channels


Social Media





Achieve our four 
pillars of success

Grow Your

North Arrow - Visualize your impact

Convey the impact of your work and craft compelling stories to reach new audiences.

Strengthen Your Programs

Scale your impact with data-driven programs. Empower your teams with great data.

North Arrow - Deepen your understanding

Build Robust Coalitions

Set ambitious targets, make great decisions and become a leader in your fight thanks to data-driven tools

North Arrow - Guide Your Strategy

Supercharge Your Fundraising

Impress donors with innovative and compelling interactive stories and unlock new funds for your programs

North Arrow - Give Life to Reports

We work with great nonprofits & institutions

Logo Erase Racism
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Logo Finding Common Purpose
Logo Strong Youth

Carroll Gardens Association

Ben Fuller-Googins
Deputy Director

This map and dashboard are going to be extremely helpful for our day-to-day organizing work, and will save us hours and hours. I also see this work as being key for our coalitions, and fellow members have already expressed their interest in developing similar tools for their organization. We are already using the map to finetune our strategy for 2024, and it is definitely a massive step towards modernizing our tools to become a data-driven organization

Partnership With Children

Wesner Pierre

We used North Arrow’s services for our annual appeal. They did it super fast. And since then I have used it in every pitch or lobbying meeting. And I’m telling you, it’s been a game changer for how we tell our story. I had lunch with a funder and showed them the map on my phone and they were blown away and wanted to give us more money. In the nonprofit space, we don’t typically use complex data visualization to show need and impact other than reporting on percentages. This story map tells it all in such a compelling way.

Coalition for Community School Excellence
Terrence Winston

North Arrow exceeded all expectations as a service provider and collaborator. They took great care to ask precise questions in order to meet our needs; offering insights throughout the process while managing to accommodate a tight turnaround time. The aspects our team most appreciated about North Arrow were their imagination, flexibility and capacity to expand on our original idea and make it into something awe inspiring with great utility and user friendliness. I would highly recommend their services to anyone serious about making this kind of investment.

Meet the team

Both data nerds and lovers of all-things maps, Olivia & Charles each bring unique experiences to this work.

Charles North Arrow
Olivia North Arrow

We write about the power of maps for activism in our blog Who Drew the Line?

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