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Impact mapping for changemakers

We help nonprofits, foundations & social innovators harness the power of mapping to tell their story and grow their support

Rather than tell people why your work matters, show them

We are bringing free healthcare to Brooklynites who need it most.

Increase your 
Monitor your impact 
Design data-driven programs
Improve your
Submit stronger grants 

We build maps & charts that work at every step to help you secure more funding and build better programs

Empower your nonprofit with the tools need to quantify and communicate the impact of your work

Visualize your impact

North Arrow - Visualize your impact

We map the problems you are addressing and your solutions so that you can powerfully convey the value of your work

Guide your strategy​

We help you identify the needs of the communities you serve, and use new visual insights to inform your strategies

North Arrow - Guide Your Strategy

Grow your audience

We build a stronger case for your next fundraiser. Grow public awareness around your cause. Get people to take action

North Arrow - Increase Your Reach

Deepen your understanding

We enrich your data with our library of open source datasets. We merge them with your data to give you a finer appreciation of the issues you are solving

North Arrow - Deepen your understanding

Give life to your reports

We turn static and ineffective annual reports into an interactive experience that showcases the depth and breadth of your work

North Arrow - Give Life to Reports

We understand the struggles nonprofits face when needing to communicate their impact

ISF Cambodia
Board Member

It's incredibly hard for us to quickly and effectively communicate the depth of our work to potential supporters.

Partnership with Children

We spend way too much time and money producing annual reports that barely 3% of our audience reads.

S.T.R.O.NG Youth
Executive Director 

We don't have the resources to hire a full-time communications person to augment our fundraising tools.

We are proud to have worked with these nonprofits and institutions

Logo Erase Racism
Logo Strong Youth
Logo Finding Common Purpose

Meet the team

Both data nerds and lovers of all-things maps, Olivia & Charles came to North Arrow through distinct paths.

Charles North Arrow
Olivia North Arrow
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