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We invented a nonprofit to showcase our work

The Whole You's mission is to provide life-saving, holistic, medical care to Brooklynites. See how North Arrow powers their communication & strategy. 

Brooklyn  residents are not getting the care they need, or deserve

North Arrow's maps visually bring together the problem and the organization's solutions : a holistic set of health services.
See the full map

The Whole You's services are in communities with the most needs

North Arrow's maps make the case for why the organization's work is so important.

Obesity Prevalence

at tract level

Color Gradient Legend - Obesity Prevalence

  < 20%


  > 30%

Ex. Pop Served

In just 3 years, The Whole You has treated thousands

North Arrow's maps detail an organization's impact over time and showcase data-driven results and targets. See the full map

# of residents treated 

# of residents treated legend

 in 2020

 in 2021

 in 2022

 in Total

Learn more about The Whole You's work from our amazing team!

North Arrow develops surveys that allow for real-time and continuous data collection and visualization. Responses to our surveys automatically populate on our maps! See the full map

Explore more of our work in
The Whole You's 2023 Impact Report

We build immersive and engaging digital experiences for you to tell your story. Replace your static reports with a tool that will impress your supporters and help you in your next fundraiser.

See the full experience here

The Whole You Storymap - an experience by North Arrow

And there is so much more we can do !

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